A creative and technically dedicated visual effects studio producing captivating imagery for feature film and television.


LDM & TV STUDIOS Virtual Backlot will also include proprietary imaging and storage technologies. The Virtual Film Set and Backlot Library that we create will offer film makers live, real time prevision and compositing ability, allowing for much more effective feedback and results at very competitive rates.



Our Digital artists will create amazing film sets, landscapes and environments to transport the actors into worlds that don’t exist. The beauty of this setup is that it makes anything possible on a budget. This suits either the Hollywood studio films or smaller independent productions. Using state of the art visual effects animation, modelling, lighting and texturing software to create realistic or stylised sets and backdrops, the filmmakers can realise their vision is only limited by the imagination, not the budget.



The tank can be used for filming with miniatures and models as well as full scale ships and sets for today's highly demanding production values. The underwater stage also allows for shooting underwater scenes with a fully controlled environment and surface for water scenes that don't require a huge area. The outdoor Infinity Lake will be suitable for the bigger sets and more demanding projects with a vast blue/green screen backdrop for major effects movies that require water effects, stunts on medium to large scale. The indoor pool will allow for the building of elaborate underwater sets and structures needed for complex elaborate underwater scenes and stunts.

The scheme comprises of refurbished warehouse/industrial units including first floor mezzanine storage with provision for flexible office content. Each unit benefits from new power floated floors, electric roller shutter doors with good parking and access. The units can be combined to offer a range of size options.



LDM & TV STUDIOS will house full performance motion capture systems for facial and full body. To meet the growing demand for higher production values at lower budgets, we will offer low-cost alternatives to location shooting. LDM & TV STUDIOS will incorporate the "paradigm shift” stock footage archive, which will specialise in virtual environments and customizable stock locations. This will allow actors to literally walk into pre-shot footage - as if they were actually on location - without ever having to leave town.

This will be ground-breaking for studios. Not just because of the technology that it uses, but because of the accessibility to independent film and lower budget film makers of a technology that is usually only reserved for the big budget studio films. Performances in real-time, while simultaneously capturing the camera and lighting data that will allow for total integration into our state of the art computer processing and virtual set creation facility; "Mission Control". Here we can simultaneously assemble the actor’s movements into our digital film sets, along with all camera operator movement and lens data. This allows the technical crew to bring the actors performance and the landscapes, created by the digital designers and artists, together seamlessly.



LDM & TV STUDIOS FX aims to become one of the world leaders in visual effects production by pushing the limits beyond the conventions and merging tradition with the latest digital methods.