Investment in the UK film industry is better than ever before thanks to a number of investment schemes.


We carefully select movie projects that we believe will make great returns for all investors. Every film we are involved with has widespread appeal for international audiences and is commercially attractive with secondary revenue opportunities. Our formula for managing risk and ability to select commercially viable films is second to none.

A movie is the best investment one can make for the upside potential vs. the risk. They're better than real estate, blue chip stocks, gold, silver, precious stones, income-producing rental properties, futures, treasuries, and international currencies . . . better than anything, with the possible exception of investing in your own education and spiritual enlightenment.

There simply is no business with manufacturing capital entry requirements as low as motion pictures where the potential return can be as unlimited over the short, medium and long terms. Take for instance, a movie such as HALLOWEEN, costing as little as $320,000 to produce, earned $75,000,000 and it does not stop earning money - for a lifetime.

RETURN OF THE SECAUCUS 7 cost only $60,000 and grossed $2,500,000. BENJI cost $550,000 and grossed $45,000,000; NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD cost $114,000 and grossed $40,000,000, GRIZZLY cost $700,000 and grossed $31,000,000, DAWN OF THE DEAD cost $700,000 and grossed $55,000,000 and BLAIR WITCH PROJECT costs $5,000 and grossed over $150,000,000.

And just when we thought nothing could top BLAIR WITCH, along comes MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING which was produced for about $1.5 million as an independent film (turned down by all the studios for financing I might add) and it has so far generated over $200,000,000! There are thousands of other examples where the return was at least three times anything done by securities listed on the New York Stock Exchange or AIM Stock Exchange.


Be part of this exciting opportunity. Become an investor into the company and enjoy the benefits of the attractive UK tax incentives.

To raise the necessary finance, LDM & TV STUDIOS is offering a medium to long term investment opportunity to invest in the purchase of the Studios.

LDM & TV STUDIOS business activities will operate within a framework of various limited companies, managed by Malcolm Winter, Ilyas Kaduji, Mike Fowler, Dominic Nicholas, and Monika Gergelova, all of which have a wealth of experience in film, media, business and management. With over 70 years of managerial experience between them, these skilled film industry veterans have helped to bring well-known films to fruition including: James Bond, Harry Potter, Tomb Raider, and the Batman films. These dedicated craftsmen, producers, directors and technicians, with the financial structure of the company proposed here by LDM & TV STUDIOS, will increase the profitability of the company, by having its own in-house workforce. This will be the foundations of the company’s reputation and success.

The investment in LDM & TV STUDIOS is asset-backed and is intended as a medium to long-term investment, with a steady dividend.

It is anticipated that there is a large community of people who will wish to join as small subscribers to this company, with the expectation of a social and cultural dividend, as well as a financial return. The share offer is also intended for larger investors and trusts who will recognise the worth of LDM & TV STUDIOS productions combined with a lucrative future and the added security with the Studio as an asset.


To learn more about how you can get involved with this exciting investment opportunity, please fill out your details below to download the official LDM & TV Studios Proposal.