We are committed to leading the way in creating an inspiring digital workplace

The Digital Studio

With our state of the art digital studio, we are able to capture the performance of actors, stunt crew, dancers and performers, while also capturing the camera data in real-time. This allows for quick and seamless integration into the digital 3d software, blending real-world and virtual worlds beautifully.

Never before has there been a better time for film makers, directors and producers to not only realize their visions, but to achieve them in such a complete and spectacular way.

The digital revolution has made the limitless possibilities of film making tools to the independent studio and film maker. The sky used to be the limit, but not anymore.

Our digital studios, sound stage and media production company will be used to also produce magnificent films being shot entirely using our systems studios. It will appear to have been shot worldwide, allowing us to create world-class feature films at an extremely low cost. This will hugely increase profit margins and ROI.

LDM & TV STUDIOS low-cost, high quality films will aim to generate high returns for all investors. We will be able to produce our own developed feature films at very cost effective budgets and sell them to global distributors including the vast US markets.