The Team



Malcolm Winter is our Head of Investments and is active in sourcing funds globally.  He has a long history in the fundraising world and also has many years of experience as a business analyst.  He is particularly strong in the area of connecting the right kind of businesses with the most suitable financial vehicles.  His key areas of expertise are in sourcing investment opportunities, negotiation, and strategy.

Malcolm also owned a chain of retail outlets in the 80’s and managed an annual turnover of 10 million. Malcolm was a property buyer and director with Roxbourne Estates in the 90’s and was responsible for all the budgeting for the refurbishments, as well as managing the refurbishments to a high standard. Malcolm also had a large property portfolio which he sold in the late 90’s.

For the last 10 years Malcolm has established himself in the entertainment business and is Executive Producing films and TV Shows. The most recent film being 3 lives a psychological thriller and was completed July 2017. Prior to 3 Lives, came Abduct, Adormidera, Mightier than the Sword, Warriors and two seasons of the TV Show Checkmate.
Malcolm has five films and one TV show in pre-production.

Malcolm was educated at Richmond and in his spare time is a keen tournament chess player.

• Buyer & Director: Roxbourne Estates
• Executive Producer: CWF Studios
• CFO: Fellowship Feature
• CFO: Amarine FIlms
• Executive Producer: Fallen Eagle Films
• Executive Producer: Rise of the Appliances
• Executive Producer: Mightier than the Sword
• Executive Producer: Abduct
• Executive Producer: Checkmate TV Show
• Executive Producer: Checkmate TV Show Season II
• Executive Producer: Frankenstein Gothic
• Executive Producer: Fear the Invisible Man
• Executive Producer: From Beyond
• Executive Producer: 3 Lives
• Executive Producer: Vijli - The Phantom Ship



Having worked in the entertainment industry for over 25 years, Ilyas has a wide range of experience in most feature film disciplines and also helped to pioneer many digital pipeline methods using state of the art computer software and combining it with traditional thinking techniques.

A professional designer and classically trained artist, Ilyas graduated from Manchester in 1987 and worked for a time as a freelance artist and also had a short time working for one of Manchester's' leading advertising agency's A. H. KNOWLES. Then during the video games industry boom he successfully beat hundreds of hopefuls with the help of his inventive and original skills as a designer and innovative work to land a leading job that was to springboard his media career.

In the early stages of his career, Ilyas worked on major titles and even headed teams on the hugely successful film titles Jurassic Park 1 and Jurassic Park 2.
He then moved into the world of film and television where he worked on TV commercials and hit TV shows such as Dr. Who and The Wrong Door, both of which were BAFTA-nominated in 2009 for Best Visual Effects; Ilyas's team won the BAFTA for their work on Dr. Who.

Moving into the feature film arena in the early 2000's, Ilyas helped develop visual effects techniques that save time and costs thus bringing high-end Hollywood visual effects capabilities to independent film makers.

He thereby quickly achieved an excellent reputation and has been involved in some of the most successful films of the past decade.

His complete history is provided:

• Designer And Lead Animator: Ocean Software - 1991-1994
• Head Of Animation And Design: Infogrames - 1994-1996
• Director 3D Animation: Audiomotion - 1996-2000
• Head Of 3D Visual Effects: Cinesite
• Technical Director: Double Negative
• Director: Framestore/Cfc Technical
• VFX Supervisor And Technical Director: The Mill
• Technical Director: The Motion Picture Company – 2006-2007

Since 2010, Ilyas has been working full-time in film production writing, directing, VFX supervising a number of films, and TV shows. His appetite and enthusiasm is unending as he continues to push the film making boundaries and tirelessly peruses his passion.



With over 12 years of HR Management & Leadership experience, Bharathi is an astute Human Resources Leader and Entrepreneur with a strong background in Organisational Strategy development, where she worked with several Global Blue Chip companies like Oracle, Microsoft, Sungard. She has an MBA (HR) degree with a proven track record of managing multiple stakeholders, with excellent relationship management skills. She set up several companies in various fields and came out with successful exits.

With her people skills and passion towards the Arts & Entertainment industry, she has produced several films and theatrical shows in India which have won accolades. Being an Indian classical dancer herself, Bharathi loves to be associated with the Arts in whatever form they may be, and hence started her own Production Company in the UK, which will produce films and live stage productions for Asian audiences.

She has developed key contacts in the Indian Film Industry and is now working on several film projects involving Bollywood & Hollywood actors. Her key areas of experience are in sourcing Investment opportunities from the Asian market and sourcing all film leads to LDM & TV studio.

• HR Training Lead: Microsoft
• EMEA HR L&D Manager: Kantar Group
• Global Leaning & Development Head: Sungard
• Global Learning & Development Director: Oracle
• Founder & Director: Maaya Ltd
• Co-Producer: 3 Lives
• Co-Producer: Frankenstein Gothic
• Executive Producer: Vijli - The Phantom Ship



Mike has a background in engineering and project management and who has also run a successful business for many years. His extensive experience has been earned from many industries including the automotive manufacturing industry, engineering, entertainment, and construction.

He brings his vast knowledge of running medium to large production lines and micro managing finances, an invaluable list of vital management skills to the team. Mike was responsible for day to day operations of this business that supplied bespoke joinery products to national businesses, this included Kier, John Sisk, Mace, J.D. Weatherspoons and the Carter Group. Contracts executed were for blue chip operations, and he was responsible for production planning and financial matters within the organisation.

Mike's experience and leadership in designing, engineering and producing a range of parts and assemblies for the Transit range of vehicles, netted £37M PA in product costs to the company, working directly at FMC and employing 30+ people he handled not only all engineering / design issues and directions but controlled finance and HR. Mike also has intimate knowledge of HMRC procedures and requirements bringing a depth of knowledge and experience in this area.

• Managing Director: RADCAS Ltd
• Managing Director: Rusty Tiger Productions Ltd
• Joint Managing Director: Bespoke Architectural Joinery Contractors Ltd
• Project Manager: Lear Corp / Ford Motor Company Ltd

For a number of years has worked allied to the entertainment industry and has Executive Produced films & TV Shows, and has a knowledge base of single and multi play games development, that will enhance the LDM brand with the development of the LDM games operation.

His complete history is provided:



Monika is Director of International Operations with the responsibility to develop international studio offerings and facilities worldwide. She has 8 years' experience in film & TV productions, producing and Executive producing.

Monika studied Telecommunications and Media in Slovakia (1999-2002).Studied at Open University Social Science and Psychology (2003-2006), Middlesex University Sports Studies (2007-2010). Monika also worked at Dukelease Ltd as part time secretary (2003-2009).

Monika attended an acting course at CWF studios and has appeared in short films. (2009-2010)

2010-2014 work at The Laboratory in Mill Hill as a Sports Therapist and attended major sporting events, such as the London Olympics, London Marathon, Triathlons, worked with professional athletes and football teams, Tottenham Hotspurs under 18 team and Arsenal ladies team as a therapist.

Monika also created and conceived our successful TV show Checkmate season I and II and has Executive Produced several major films & TV shows, including very recently 3 Lives completed July 2017. As well as Abduct, Mightier than the Sword and Warriors.

Monika has 5 films in pre–production and one TV show. Monika has also attended MIPCOM and MIPTV media markets.

• Acting Course: CWF Studios, London
• Acting as Waitress: Inspire, Galliena- Warrior
• Associate Producer: Fallen Eagle Films Ltd, UK
• Secretary, Part Time: Dukelease Ltd, London
• Sport Therapist: Laboratory & Spa Mill Hill, London
• Company Director: Health and Fitness Improver Ltd
• Executive Producer: Abduct Ltd, UK
• Company Director, Founder, Executive Producer: Checkmate TV Show, UK
• Company Director, Founder, Executive Producer: Checkmate TV Show, UK, Season II & III
• Co-Executive Producer, Production Manager: 3 Lives
• Executive Producer: Viji - The Phantom Ship



Mafalda Sá is a Portuguese Producer and Independent Filmmaker. She studied Literature and Creative Writing, Marketing as a second degree and later Film Studies. Before crossing over into the film industry, she has also worked as a media producer leading numerous campaigns for clients in technology as well heading several exhibition events.
She has held roles in media, marketing research and product placement for the past fourteen years collaborating with major international clients through A.C. Nielsen, Marktest, Marketing Institute, Domino, Ipsos, Mkti, DC, Elegy Ibérica, Eneida and Publishing Events to name a few.

Mafalda has produced numerous commercials, music videos, films and documentaries over the past years like ANAMORPHOSIS, THE BATTLE OF ATOLEIROS 2017, AIN'T NOBODY'S BUSINESS, MAGNETS, CHECKMATE TV SERIES SEASON I and II, BOOK IN LOOP, THE POINT OF NO RETURN, THE CROSS, THE DOCKLANDS and ABDUCT.

She is now developing another three titles while setting up a 360° Transmedia service company to offer complete packages to all media based clients from artwork and design to production, sales, and distribution.

Mafalda also setup a boutique production and studio service harnessing regional skill-sets, the best of the locations and support teams to assist independent producers of film, TV, and commercials.

Mafalda has been working hard to establish a stronger Portuguese film industry with initiatives to promote locations, film training and skill.

In 2017 Mafalda was invited to be on the board of directors and is a founding member of PORTUGAL CENTRO REGION FILM COMMISSION. She is currently building a strong network of support and spearheading a number of initiatives and will soon be taking them to the rest of Europe before going global.

Mafalda has teamed up with LDM & TV Studio colleagues Ilyas Kaduji and Malcolm Winter to head the Marketing and Communication team. With her achievements to date and her passion for film and cinema, Mafalda is a valuable member of the LDM & TV Studio core team.

• Marketing Data Researcher: A.C. Nielsen
• Marketing Manager: Eneida
• Exhibition Marketting Manager: Publishing Events
• Producer & Marketing Executive: Abduct LTD
• CEO & Producer: HHP Studios



Khurum started his career in the financial sector as a qualified stockbroker in the early 2000's servicing medium to HNWI, advising them on the FTSE 350, and the AIM market.

After a number of successful years, Khurum worked for Libertas Partners LLP and was able to progress in this field from a CF30 level where he would only advise and manage clients to a CF1 level where he became a director at EGR Broking and managed a floor of brokers as well as his clients.

Over the years, he has moved his valuable skill set into the private equity sector, opening doors for investors to the more lucrative opportunities that exist. With his knowledge and years of experience of advising, he is able to ascertain which opportunities would be suitable for his clientele, making him a valuable member of the team.

• Stock Broker: Libertas Partners
• Director & Manager: EGR Broking