LDM & TV STUDIOS is a new kind of studio, for a new age of film-making and entertainment media.

We are a new 21st century fully air conditioned and kitted out independent film studio to facilitate the production of its own world-class feature films, documentaries, and video games as well as service the global film, TV, advertising, video games and media industry.  An international production company providing concept development, advanced production services, and state-of-the-art post production for film and broadcast industries.

The idea was originally conceived back in 2010 and developed further with the help of leading industry professionals, who have come together to take advantage of the growing markets and opportunities for independent films as well as the expanding demands from US, UK and global film production companies looking for UK studio services and facilities.

Producers and directors can have the freedom to create films based in any location around the world, universe or historical period, all from the comfort of our UK studio.  Our proprietary digital techniques will allow directors to shoot actors as if they were actually shooting at any location in the world, with no limitations.  It won't be just a normal green screen studio; we offer a totally immersive environment for films and commercials.  This will allow producers and directors to shoot establishing shots, allowing multiple angle coverage, stunts, walk-talks, driving, action & chase scenes on backdrops consisting of exotic, normal or fantasy landscapes/ worlds, and even let them travel back in time for period film shoots.

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We have proudly developed and refined diverse and unique ways to produce Hollywood quality feature films, for much lower costs by utilising the Virtual Backlot method i.e. VB Live (real-time compositing), CGI, digital compositing, matte painting, and on-line HD editing systems.  We offer an excellent and low-cost alternative to shooting on location, making ambitious productions at a low cost – possible, and also allowing us to produce our own feature films at extremely attractive budgets.  Our first inhouse feature film is currently in production aiming to generate an impressive revenue stream while securing our reputation as a leading independent film production company.

In the long run, we aim to build on our seasoned and experienced team, consisting of award winning A-List crew with their Hollywood backgrounds, in feature film production and effects work.  The team has a reputation for producing high concept production and visual effects in feature films, television, and commercials.

If you are looking for experience, service and technology, we have it all.  We undertake full production projects for both broadcast and commercial clients.  Studio staff have worked on programmes for all of the major broadcasters and various blue-chip companies.